Five Things You’ll Love About 65 Green Street, Jamaica Plain



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Here are five features I think you’ll love about 65 Green Street, the new eight-unit condominium development in a prime part of Jamaica Plain.

1. Location. When it comes to finding the best possible location for your city home, you’re often faced with a tradeoff: be able to walk to trendy restaurants or roll out of bed and make the train in minutes flat. Owners at 65 Green Street won’t have to make this version of Sophie’s real estate choice. Exit the building stage right, and a few blinks later, you’ll arrive at the Green Street Orange Line Station. Exit stage left, and before your stomach growls even once, you’ll find yourself passing City Feed, the Centre Street Café, JP Licks, and a host of other restaurants and retail shops that dot this key section of Centre Street, Jamaica Plain’s version of Main Street.

2. Not-So Vanilla Features. 65 Green Street has high ceilings. Super high. Like, Everest high. And when you combine the high ceilings with 65 Green Street’s over-sized windows, you get not only a lot of light but also the feeling that the living area in the residence exceeds the amount stated on the listing sheet. To get more space costs money, but the illusion of more space is priceless.

All of 65 Green Street’s residences have unique layouts, and all except Unit 204 have privately deeded outdoor space. 65 Green Street’s three penthouses also come with large private roof decks and two-car parking.

65 Green Street has a large package delivery room, a bike storage area, remote building access, and some thoughtful environmental friendly finishes—a.k.a. green finishes.

3. Something You Don’t Get. 65 Green Street has a lot of impressive features, but my favorite feature of the development might be what you don’t get: noise from your neighbors. Listing agent Mark Hand, an associate partner of the Residential Group at William Raveis Real Estate, said there are 30-inches of space between 65 Green Street’s second-floor ceiling and the floor of its third floor. As a result, the residences don’t have unsightly soffits or unattractive visible air ducts. But perhaps the biggest benefit of the large space between the ceiling and next floor is the soundproofing the developer installed. Asked why the developer went to such extents on the sound matter, Hand said, “They’ve been building since the 80s. They know the issue is always sound.”

4. That JP Vibe. JP has eclectic residents, intimate restaurants, an abundance of nature, and sense of community. Watermark Development Inc., a JP-based firm with 30-years of development experience whose website proudly asserts, “WE BUILD WHERE WE LIVE,” understands what makes JP JP. To put together the best possible plan for the site, Watermark engaged a collection of architects and designers at Embarc, a studio that has worked on nearly a dozen JP developments. And to make sure buyers saw the development with the proper JP perspective, Watermark contracted Mark Hand, a co-worker of mine who is part of a team that has sold more than 200 JP condos.

5. The Value Equation. One long-established and somewhat well-known Hub real estate tradition is for a South End or Brookline buyer to stroll by a JP condo and say, “SOLD!” That’s because JP buyers are often convinced that they get much more for their money than buyers in those other two locations. In 2017, buyers were paying more than $800,000 for the average Brookline condo and more than $1.2 million for the average South End condo. So what are they supposed to say when they see they can get a brand new condo with all the bells and whistles and live in one of the very best locations one market over? “I’ll take two!”



Written By:  David Bates, The Bates Real Estate Report